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Free 18" doll crochet patterns

My daughter was really excited to have more doll clothes after I designed a free 18″ doll crochet pattern for a circle vest. She wanted me to make her doll some more, so I went in search of other free 18″ doll crochet patterns. Much to my surprise and dismay, they were more difficult to find than I imagined. I could find links that said they were for free 18″ doll crochet patterns, but links would be broken, or the website would look suspect.

So, during my search, I decided I need to compile a quality list of free 18″ doll crochet patterns to help out other folks like me. Below are my favorites. I hope you find them helpful!

Free 18″ Doll Crochet Patterns for Outerwear

18″ Doll Circle Vest by See Melissa Craft.

I should first add the pattern that prompted my search. Currently, I am working on putting together a free tutorial for the outfit I made to photograph with the vest and a paid version of the pattern in child size. I’ll include those links here when I get them posted.

Coat and Hat for Dolly by Oombawka Design.

I need to mention that Oombawka Design also has other doll patterns that I could have added here, but I thought it’d be best for you to go check out the website 🙂

My Dolly Ruffle Ruana from Craft Coalition.

There is so much I love about this vest – the color, the ruffles, the simplicity…

Free 18″ Doll Crochet Patterns for Accessories

Payton Hat by Tennie Belle.

Honestly, I want this hat for myself. Wait, I can make one since Tennie Belle has a Payton Hat version for people, as well as a Payton Headband 🙂

Easter Bunny Hat and Basket by Mango Tree Crafts.

Lily, the person behind Mango Tree Crafts, explains her patterns so well that I feel any of them are suitable for a beginner. She includes a generous amount of photos to make following them a breeze.

Doll Booties by guest writer Tara Cousins on Crochet Spot.

I searched high and low for a website for Tara Cousins, but I could find her only as a designer on Ravelry or a guest author/designer on other blogs/websites.

18 Inch Doll Messy Bun Hat from Cream of the Crop Crochet.

I liked that I was able to find a simple, stylish hat to make for Aaliyah. It worked up super quickly, which made me feel not so bad about taking time away from working on one of my own designs.

Free 18″ Doll Crochet Patterns for Shirts

Boho Doll Top by Nyan Pon.

This website has SOOO many adorable and free crochet patterns! I would highly recommend taking the time to explore.

American Girl Patterned Tank Top from Kimations Design.

Although this site can take a minute to load, I assure you that it is well worth the wait. This shirt is so versatile.

Free 18″ Doll Crochet Patterns for Dresses or Entire Outfits

American Girl Doll Summer Stream Dress by ABC Knitting Patterns.

As you may know, I’m a big fan of items with embellishments – flowers, buttons, beads. Don’t be deceived by the ‘knitting patterns’ part of the website name. This site has a TON of free 18″ doll crochet patterns.

American Girl Doll Cocktail Dress with Beads from ABC Knitting.

There were so many that I had to include two patterns here, even though I usually like to find as many independent designers as possible. If I direct you there once, I have faith you will spend some time there discovering their other patterns.

Cargo Skirt Outfit w/ Backpack – 18″ Doll Pattern from Bizzy Crochet.

This is another designer with many patterns. And this one with the cargo-style was so unique that I’m really glad I found it.

Mermaid Tail for 18″ Doll by Granny’s Crochet Shoppe & More.

I found quite a few mermaid tails for dolls, but I thought this one was the cutest free one available.

18″ Sausalito Crochet Shell Stitch Doll Set from Crystal Palace Yarns.

Over the years, I have used many types of Crystal Palace Yarns. In fact, I made my sister’s favorite hat with their Chunky Mochi yarn. Since I am familiar with their yarn quality, I was happy to find they offered free patterns, which I did not know.

Jumper for 18″ Doll from Dust Bunnies.

Per the website wishes, this link will take you to the main crochet pattern page, but it’s super easy to find the jumper pattern from there.

Red Heart Dollie Cowgirl Outfit from Yarnspirations.

Although I typically like to include only independent crafter/designer’s websites, this outfit was too cute to not mention here. Plus, I have always found a lot of great free patterns from Yarnspirations.

Happy Crafting!!