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Free pumpkin carving templates

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love to dress up (multiple times each year). I love that there are so many crafts and creativity that are associated with Halloween. And I have never missed the opportunity to carve a pumpkin. Or two or three. Although the pumpkin carving kits with patterns are nice, I’ve found the patterns can be fairly intricate and advanced. While I like to carve those kinds of patterns, sometimes you want to get a pumpkin done quickly. Those patterns can often be too tricky for young carvers. So I designed four easy and free pumpkin carving templates to share with my readers.

These templates should be easy enough for beginning carvers, as well as quick to get a pumpkin on the porch in a jiffy. The templates include a ‘Boo’ with a classic jack-o-lantern face incorporated, a bat, a jack-o-lantern smiley face, and an approximation of an owl. It started as something different, but turned itself into an owl as I was drawing it. Sometimes you just have to go where the craft takes you.

How to Use My Free Pumpkin Carving Templates

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Printer and paper (or printing service).

Pumpkin carving tools (or a knife and something pointy to mark the pattern – I’ve found that small steel knitting needles work great).


Step 2: Download and Print

To access the templates, sign up for free membership below. Upon registering, you will receive an email with a password to enter the members’ area. Once there, download the file and print the free template(s) you would like to use.

Download the PDF by becoming a SeeMelissaCraft member. It’s easy and FREE! Just fill out the form below to enjoy the benefits of membership 🙂 Your welcome email will contain your password to access the member download area.

Step 3: Prepare Your Pumpkin

Cut the pumpkin top off and remove the guts. Don’t forget to cut a notch in the top piece to make it easier to put the lid back on.

Step 4: Mark the Pattern on Your Pumpkin

Cut excess paper from the free pumpkin carving template and attach it to your pumpkin with tape. Try to smooth it around the pumpkin roundness as best you can.

Use a pointy object to poke holes through the paper and into your pumpkin. Mark the holes closer together where the pattern is more difficult. Remove your pattern carefully so you can keep it for reference as you cut. When you take the template off, your marks may look like a confusing maze of dots, so it’s nice to have the original to check where you are at.

Step 5: Cut Out Your Pattern

Cut out the tricky areas first so you don’t lose any of the pumpkin pieces you want to keep. For example, on the ‘Boo’ pattern, cut the curves around the ‘B’ first. Remove small sections one at a time if needed. If you accidentally break off a piece (like I did at the bottom of the ‘B’), use a toothpick to insert in the main pumpkin, and the piece to reattach it. Continue cutting, looking at your free pumpkin carving template as needed. until your pattern is complete.

Step 6: Add a Light and the Lid to Display

Enjoy your newly carved pumpkin and Halloween!

Happy Crafting!