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Dallas’s mom, Dixie, is one of those sweet people who is always impressed by my crafting. I swear I could crochet a chain, join it in a circle, and she would be amazed. My family is a great support system, but they are just as crafty (if not more) than me so most of what I do seems to be ordinary for my family. Recently, Dixie had a friend knit her a very simple pair of fingerless gloves/mittens that made her so excited. When she showed them to me, it was a month or so before her birthday. I immediately knew that I had to design a fingerless gloves knit pattern for her.

Pixie Fingerless Gloves Knit Pattern for sale

Dixie is one of those crazy people who runs for fun – which is a complete oxymoron to me. Running just to run is not fun. Give me a ball, someone to chase, or some sort of purpose (like running from a bear), and sure, I’ll run. But to run just for the heck of it… PASS. Anyway, I digress. Since she runs, I thought I could design a fingerless gloves knit pattern that would work perfectly for when the weather was a little chilly, but not cold enough for full hand coverage. I also wanted to make sure her fingerless gloves/mittens were made out of wool to provide that warmth and breathability.

This fingerless gloves knit pattern is a couple of revisions beyond the original pair I gave Dixie for her birthday. The first pair did not have a long enough cuff and were too loose across the palm. So I fixed those issues, but it resulted in a thumb opening that was too tight and uncomfortable. I added a thumb gusset, and voila! A lacy fingerless gloves knit pattern that provides warmth, style, and flexibility.

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Happy Crafting!

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Materials Needed for Pixie Fingerless Gloves Knit Pattern

DK Weight Yarn: Approximately 85 yds. Sample made with King Cole Riot DK in Autumn. To find yarn alternatives, please visit

Size 6 Double-Pointed Needles (or size needed to obtain gauge)

Yarn Needle


Optional based on your cast-on preference: Size 6 Straight Needles